Andreas Steppat

When starting back in 2010 the name “Volto” was already in use by our Chinese supplier for other bike models and markets. NZEBIKES secured the right to use this name in New Zealand and it appeared to be a good idea to keep using this name for our own imports. […]

Changing from VOLTO to evinci

We have sold our last 19″ Cross5. This means there are only more 17″ models available, current stock level is 20 pcs. We will not restock Cross5, but we fully support the bikes in terms of warranty and parts availability. Replacement batteries are in stock. Most parts are standard components, […]

Cross5: 19″ sold out

Please note that all TUI in blue have been sold out. We had only 6 on order – underestimated the demand for darker colours. All other colours are still available in good quantities. We will consider this for the next order. We will establish an online stock check system –  […]

Stock availability