15,000 kilometres

This month, July 2015, makes three full years of daily commuting on my Volto, totaling about 15,000 kilometres, at five kilometres in each direction to work, returning home for lunch, and back to work for the afternoon, five days a week.

It is still using the original battery, of course requiring a longer recharge time and giving less range than when new.

Since buying my Volto in July 2012, it has proven reliable, with only a couple of

electrical issues over time, a melted fuse and a faulty ‘control box’, which Mark

identified and replaced efficiently and courteously.

In October 2014 Mark also my fitted to my Volto a new higher geared front

sprocket, and two new tyres and wheels, with a disc brake for the front wheel

and a ‘drum’ brake for the rear wheel, to replace the original caliper brakes front

and rear. The replacment brakes are more effective and require less adjustment

than the old caliper type.


I look forward to more years of equally reliable and economical commuting on

my Volto, and I recommend the machine to others.