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Volto, like many other brands selling in NZ like Pedego, Ezee, Flying Cat, Whisper, Smart Motion are made in China. Please read the content below where we address each part and you will be able to see the quality that we have been able to achieve for the Volto E bikes.

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The quality is an important responsibility it depends on technical knowledge and rigorous testing to find out which parts produce the best performance.

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All electrical parts except batteries are manufactured by the same company. This helps to guarantee that the system work well together. The company was established in 1998 and has now become one of biggest manufacturers and developers of sets for electric bicycles and motorcycles. The company employs about 600 workers and 30 engineers. All of the hardware and software including the design has been produced by themselves. It is one of the most reputable suppliers in the business and has branches in Texas - USA and Hanover - Germany with the annual output being over 1.5 million sets.

Volto use the same supplier as Giant for motors, controllers and other electrical parts.

Frame and mechanical concept

Nice, tidy, good quality and strong TIG welding

The Volto frame is hydro formed and precisely welded from aluminum alloy 6061 In the design process we took extra care about:

Frame strengt
Riders comfort
Good handling and safety

Due to this we made sure the seat and handle bars were wide and easily adjustable so it makes very versatile bike where everyone can have a great level of comfort. To achieve good handling and control we chose a popular alternative and placed the battery under the seat and motor in the rear.
This solution improves the centre of gravity and keeps the front wheel light.

Fork, Wheels, Bottom Bracket, Brakes

Double wall rim

Front fork
Suntour - high quality and very popular choice with 100 mm travel. Adjustable alloy front fork. Very smooth. Made in Taiwan

Double wall rims - It's aluminum alloy profile makes a very strong structure that resists bending. Choice for extra safety and to achieve durability.

Joytech- good material quality and water tight design made in Taiwan

Simple and forever lasting Neco bottom bracket

Bottom bracket
Neco bottom bracket - Neco are famous quality bike components. So we used it for a trouble free run. Made in Taiwan

Very important part. For extra safety and easy maintenance we use Shimano M375 disc brakes at the front and Dia-Compe hub brakes at the rear wheel. The rear expanding brake is simple to adjust and lasts long with low maintenance.

JoyTech sealed hub with rotor

Dia Compe Roller Brake

Industry bearings

The Electrical Part of Volto bikes

The basic concept is very simple and is built from five main components: Battery, motor, controller, display and throttle. It is important to select the components for each situation right so one component does not overrule any to achieve maximum efficiency. The quality of each components is also as important as using them in the right combination. We have been able to develop the best combination of materials and power due to meticulous trials and testing phases, allowing us to build what we want correctly.
Without this "know how" the distributor would not be able to produce the most efficient bike for your needs allowing you to get the best value for money.


Volto is very proud to offer three different types of motors more details find here

electric bicycles nz

Our direct drive variable wattage 250 - 500W is the same motor used by Giant. We provide our motors with an output of 300W on 36V which produces a speed of 32km/h with the efficiency of > 80%. This motor doesn't have a planetary gear, making it very quiet and ensures that there is nothing that can break inside. Find out why the same type of motor drives the
Fisher & Paykel Appliances
famous for reliability.

This motor is able to provide regenerative braking, but we decided against to implement it into the controller. Main reason are that an additional switch has to be cabled in and in most cases the regained energy is less then 10%, which does not justify the modifications. Furthermore the brake force is for most riders unexpected high, so they get actually too slow at the end.

Reasons why this motor was chosen:

Very reliable
No maintenance or service needed
The efficiency is >80% ( 78 - 83% on geared )
Variable wattage


This has been developed by the same company as the motor. It is designed with Voltage drop protection to protect the battery from deep discharging. It also includes an over load heat protection to protect Controller and Motor from overheating. Volto e-bikes are designed that the controller will heat faster than the motor (if overloaded) in such way the motor is protected by the controller's thermal protection as well to prevent it from overheating.

Volto e-bikes use a hi-tech controller based on a STM8S105S6 microprocessor. This controller has better efficiency and improved over load protection. The high power switching stage uses genuine TOSHIBA Field effect transistors TK80E08K3

We have full access to the developers of the software and changed can be done easily. This allows us to adapt the controller settings to specific customer requirements.

Our design is bullet proof.
The whole circuit board is completely sealed with resin to protect against moisture and is designed for a maximum voltage of 60V.