Volto's technical team is very proud to offer three different types of motors.

Direct-Drive, Brush less Rear Hub Motor

This is our best-selling and most popular bicycle motor. There are no mechanical parts to worry about breaking or needing to replace. The

direct-drive, brush less rear hub motor is perfect for everyday use, extremely reliable and affordable. There is no regular maintenance required for this motor, and it boasts an efficiency rating of over 82%. This is the best choice for the everyday commuter.

MGX15 - High-speed brush less hub motor

Solid, practical construction. Using a high-speed motor with a planetary gear with a 5:1 ratio allows you to improve the torque at lower speeds while the motor can be smaller and lighter. This solution also uses a clutch, which relieves friction caused by the gear, so when you are pedaling or freewheeling, there is not any resistance. When riding, it is nice and smooth, with a good torque and it weights just 3kg. Efficiency rating is >80%. Popular and reliable solution. Motor is used for our folding bike to keep the weight low.

TDX07 high-tech design

Ultra-light geared hub with a two-stage reduction gear with a 1:13 ratio and a built-in clutch relieving any friction caused by the gear. Small, light, but very powerful motor. The motor weighs only 2kg and will impress even the most demanding customers. Efficiency rating of ~78%. This motor is suitable for users who need to bike over very steep hills or who are looking for the lightest solution on the market. This motor is used in our Cross5 Mountain Bike.