Back cycling after 15 years

When I read in the media it’s now OK to do the cycle trails on an electric bike I was motivated to give cycling another go. The problem is I trashed my right leg in a huge motorcycle accident 15 years ago. I tried cycling after I sort of recovered but was completely unable to cadence as my right leg could not bend more than 90 degrees. Plus the leg was very weak. With the target of doing the Rail Trail & a stroke of brilliance (he says modestly!) I shortened an old right crank down to 75mm & found I could actually cadence! Now I needed some battery assistance. I looked at many options for electric bikes & wow there is a lot of choice out there. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money as I was still unsure how my right leg would cope. My old faithful TradeMe produced a 12 month old but never used Volto which I got for $950! It took a week or 3 to get it down from Christchurch but now I have set it up to meet my special requirements & taken it for a few rides I am so so pleased. The Volto is completely solid, everything works very well, the battery is excellent, spare parts are very cheap, Mark seems to provide excellent support. For the modest cost I think they are splendid value. People who have not experienced the joy of riding an electric bike just don’t know what they are missing!! See you on the trails.