Cross5 17″ sold out – new models coming!

Since the Cross5 17″ is now gone as well, the new model is getting more under pressure. We have redesigned the Cross5 to meet current market demands. The model will be called “CROSS7” and we expect our first samples to arrive in NZ mid June.

The main focus was clearly to keep the weight as low as possible – so we kept the well proven Ultra-geared Aikema hub-motor, removed the front-derailleur and upgraded the rear-derailleur to a Shimano Deore 10 gears. The gear range is very close to what we had, considering that probably nobody has really used the combination first front and first rear. The brakes have now a motor cut-out, which makes the bike much easier to ride in slow situations. A mid-mount display with very good readability offers 5 PAS levels. The battery style is called Hailong – a sleek case compared to the Dolphin style. Standard size will be still 13Ah – to keep the weight low. Optionally we will offer 17Ah versions.