Eddie Jones from Cape Reinga to Wellington – 1300 kms

eddieHi Mark

I arrived in Wellington yesterday on your Volto ebike. It has been an incredible journey from Cape Reinga. I doubt I could have managed to do it on my Australian ebike (a Wolf). The throttle on the Volto was so much better than the three settings on the Wolf – Low, Medium and High.

Read here Eddie’s diary from the 2417km long journey across NZ .

Going through each aspect of the Volto:

Tyres – excellent! No punctures in 1300 kms. The tires kept their pressure.
I measured them every day. The pressure of 40 psi gave a comfortable ride.

Brakes – really needed those disc brakes at the front.

Forks – the telescopic front forks gave an excellent ride; not
too firm, not too soft.

Saddle – excellent comfort.

Light – I never rode at night, so never used the front light,
but the switch should illuminate a rear light as well as the front light.
You need both if it’s dark!

Gears – the 6 were ample in all conditions that I struck. Sprocket
– just right for my riding capabilities.

Batteries – carried me a minimum of 32 kms, under tough conditions.
I never found the range in more “normal” conditions, because I changed
the batteries after 35 – 40 kms. For riding the Volto around town I think
a battery would last 50 maybe 60 kms.

Motor – having 300 watts was great!

Looks – many people commented on the good looks of the bike.