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PowerBuddy charges your Volto* battery as quick as a 230V charger. It also protects your car battery from deep cycle as it turns off if the input voltage drops under 10V.

We have versions for Volto and Cross5 batteries. The Cross5 version does also fit for SmartMotion or other brands batteries.

Input Voltage: 10-16V

Input maximum current: 10A

Temperature and time protection

Output charging current: 2A

Output charging voltage: 42V

Under voltage, over voltage and short circuit protection

Volto RCA plug

This is the version used for all Volto batteries

Infinity DC plug

The typical DC round plug, used for our new Infinity MTB, fits also in all Cross5 batteries and most SmartMotion.

Please note that this charger is only for 36V Li-Ion batteries!

RRP $109

Can be ordered through your local retailer.