Rail Trail return

300Km return on the trusty Volto never had to get the spanners out!

Very comfortable bike to ride for 6 days straight averaging 50 to 60Km per day.

Battery 14amp hr lasted better than expected. Worst case in very heavy going uphill was about 30Km. Spring thaw after snow had left long portions of the trail like quicksand!! Really sucked up the battery power. Rest of the trail mostly loose gravel. Not at all like sealed road riding where you can coast along except for the hills of course. Best case well over 50Km. I don’t do a lot of effective pedalling due to my damaged right leg.

Mark says a 20 amp hour battery & possibly a 3 amp charger coming out good for the long trips.

We checked out the e bikes in the bike shop in Clyde at the end of our trip. Some nice stuff around like a Scott at well over $5K no doubt with more bells & whistles than the Volto. But the Volto did the job perfectly well.

Very happy to complete the Rail Trail. Highly recommended trip if you haven’t done it!