NZ designed
Low Maintenance
Easy to ride
TUI - Step Through E-Bike

Our Best-Seller. Versatile and easy to drive. For all generations. To commute or to go on your favourite rail-trail. Fun for young and old. The low step-through frame allows a safe and convenient start or stop of your ride. Robust and durable components with low maintenance.

FALCON - Trekking E-Bike

Very strong frame and comfortable driving position. Suitable for all rail-trails, as daily commuter or just to get around without thinking about those tough hills. Robust and durable components with low maintenance.

ROBIN - Folding E-Bike

Our little one – small but fast! Easy to fold within a few seconds. Carry your E-Bike in your boot and go for a ride. Also your perfect motor home companion. Robust and durable components with low maintenance.

CROSS5 - Electric Mountain Bike

Your reliable and light weight companion to go off the beaten track. Get yourself a boost to get up those demanding hills and enjoy the views! Cross5 delivers a stress-free down-hill experience.

Why a Volto electric bike is the best choice for you

By comparing each of the details with other electric bikes you will find that Volto is one of the best e-bikes, especially for the low price range.

The reason is because these bikes are developed right in New Zealand by highly qualified and experienced engineers together with electric bike users. This how Volto e-bikes have gained a good reputation among users.

Volto has always provided the best deal on electric bikes in NZ since 2010!