A great bike

I had moved to Papamoa and wanted something other than a car to get around the area. I had never really been a cyclist, and after trying out a friend’s pedal bike knew I never would be, but tried out a friend’s e-bike and decided it was close enough to a scooter for me to cope with. It was then a case of looking around and trying out all possible bikes to find the ideal. Which was the folding Volto – easy to pop into the back of the car, and great feel to it.

Since getting it I have regularly been going off to different parts of Tauranga on it, never getting close to using up the battery. With a basket stuck on the back it is easy to nip off and do some shopping. And I’ve started travelling the North Island, cycling the trails around Karapiro, Mangakino, Taumaranui. It does the G2 trails no problem at all – working my way up to the G3, but I can’t see them causing it any problems either.

I’m absolutely delighted with the Volto, it does everything I originally wanted and it has led me on to new adventures. And Andreas at Volto is so knowledgeable and good to deal with, any questions I’ve had he’s been able to quickly answer.