Changing from VOLTO to evinci

When starting back in 2010 the name “Volto” was already in use by our Chinese supplier for other bike models and markets. NZEBIKES secured the right to use this name in New Zealand and it appeared to be a good idea to keep using this name for our own imports. After 7 years it turns out to become a limiting factor.  We get regular requests from Volto customers all over the world, asking for spare parts or other support – for bikes we haven’t supplied and being very different from what we have meanwhile here in New Zealand. Also, we do not want to limit ourselves to New Zealand, but we wouldn’t be able to market our bikes as Volto in other countries.

Just the name will change, nothing else – we have still the same aim, support and reliability as we are known for the last 7 years.

A big thank you to all our customers for standing behind Volto – join the future and let’s talk evinci.

With evinci  we connect electrical and DaVinci. A word coining about the electrical transportation future taking DaVinci approaches in consideration.

You can expect a lot of innovative bike models, but very important to us, with a sustainable concept.


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