Awesome little bike!

PC149088“Awesome little bike! Just completed 2 days of cycling on Hauraki Rail trail and the Karangahake Gorge – 50 km in 2 days. Shared with my daughter! This little bike performed like a star. In truth I could easily have done more. I am not fit and at 25km a day the battery had still not lost much charge (Still charged it overnight). Could easily and effortlessly sit at 20kmh with just the default ‘pedal assist’ function, but had to travel slower to keep up with companions. At full throttle my 20 inch foldable bike can do a top end of 30kph (28kph on flat without pedaling), even with a heavy bag on the back, and I weigh 83kg. I can thoroughly recommend these Volto bikes and the Hauraki Cycle trail. Have had my bike now for just over 2 years – am using it regularly and really appreciate the efficient and personalized service that Mark provides.”


Chris Mullins

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