Great Bike

bought a tde03z for my wife 6 months ago. She loves it. We live in a hilly area and she would just not go out on a bike if she didn’t have the volto. Now I can’t keep he off it to the extent that I am going to buy another one so I can keep,up with her, because I can’t on my non electric bike.

After sales service has been very good all questions answered quickly and a replacement battery charger was supplied straight away when the first one failed.

The range seems to be as quoted on the site I have completed a 60k trip on low power pedal assist and there appeared to be plenty of power left. The frame seems quite strong and the components, gears , brakes etc.. All work wellso,far these bikes appear to be very good value for money.

if you get one of these bikes be prepared for a lot of interest from other people, everyone wants a go and wants to know about them – even the super fit mountain bikers are now taking an interest rates than just sneering at the cheaters.