The bikes (two TDN08Z ‘s) have been fantastic

Approximately 15 months ago I purchased a Volto TDN08Z folding electric bike to commute to work. I made the mistake of letting my daughter trial it for a week and then had to buy another one because she loves using it as much as I do, we both use them daily. I commute about 3.5km’s to work and 3.5km’s back home. My trip home involves a climb up a very long steep hill and I do it in my business clothes (without any sweat), enjoying myself as I whizz past the “normal” cyclists huffing and puffing their way up in a really low gear. I get some funny looks as I’m going past, and often an envious shout of “that’s cheating” as they realize the bike is electric and I’m leaving them behind!

The bike has all the features I need and I did look at the bikes that are over twice the price, discovering they just weren’t worth it. Have had zero reliability problems and I fully expect the bikes to last a long time yet. My daughter did drop the bike and damage the chain sprocket, Mark couldn’t have been more helpful in providing the instructions and tools to fix it. The support and response I got is something that the larger companies should model themselves on, fast, effective and friendly.