hope to pick up new bike tomorrow

After quite a few hours of research,on Ebikes I have decided on a Volto TDF037.I took a drive to Rotorua and meet John Simmonds from ELECTRICBIKE Rotorua.I had a test ride of his TDE037,which was a lot of fun,John lives not to far from the red woods cycle trails,so what could be more tempting than a blatt up a few trails.I was trying out a few gear combos with throttle and peddle power,when I heard this puffing and grunting going on behind me,I stopped and looked around to see this 30ish year old guy pull up and asked me if I had some type of motor on that thing,as he couldn’t pass me and was getting very puffed trying to keep up [I am 71 yo ] and was still sitting on the seat in second gear.He as well as me were very impressed with how well the TDE037 climbed the steep mountain bike trail, and me not even puffing.Great bike,I feel I might have to bye another one once my wife has a go tomorrow.Looking forward to lots of happy cycling.Graeme B.