Totally impressed with Volto

Volto has been one of the best purchases I ever made. It beats buying the first car, or a first smartphone, or a new computer. Its better than buying any cool gadget you can think if. That feeling of being the proud owner, after buying something really cool, never fades with Volto.

I’m not a real biker; I’m a commuter. Bike to and from the train station, and currently total distance I need to bike is about 18km a day. One of the legs of the trip is a persistent (but not too bad) steep incline. That one part of the trip, those 5km, was what made me decide buy electric bike. 25 minutes of quite serious workout, first thing in the morning, isn’t my cuppa.

So, one day, my wife decided to encourage me about getting Electric bike. In fact, she organized the order. I just had to put on the front wheel and adjust the brakes. And ride.

Volto makes every road ‘downhill’, and every wind a ‘welcome breeze’.

The best feature is passing those serious bikers, that kept passing me every morning. Or maybe, best feature is turnig that 25min heavy workout into as 10min fun ride.

Volto lets you ease into biking — pedal all you like for additional speed, but you don’t have to do all the work all the time.

When the guests come over, everyone is queueing for their turn ‘around the block’.

I’m not sure how much the battery really lasts in practice, but my daily trip barely leaves a mark on the battery gauge.

Shipping and delivery was extremely fast, communication great. It arrived spot on, one day after payment has cleared.

Thanks for this awesome eBike guys!!

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