Two years and up to 10,000 kms

31 July 2014I bought my Volto electric bicycle in July 2012 and have used it for daily commuting for past the two years, between Mount Eden and Customs Street, Auckland CBD. The speed and minimal effort allow me to return home for lunch each work day. Five kilometres each way, 20 kilometres a day, for about 100 kilometres a week for 100 weeks over two years.

It has proven reliable. The only technical failure was one melted fuse (?) in the battery. It was promptly repaired by Mark within a couple of days

Over the two years my Volto has sustained about eight tyre punctures, all from nails, none from glass. I repair rear punctures without removing the wheel, by ‘peeling’ the tyre off the rim after laying the bike on its side. Both tyres are well worn originals, and will need replacement soon

The battery charger recently needed replacing, perhaps caused by being dropped on ground too many times.

I am happy with my Volto and it was a good decision to buy it. Service from Mark at Volto company has been prompt and efficient when needed.