When I wanted an electric bike, I wasn’t sure which to buy, but after research, I thought a Volto would be right for me – plus it has kiwi connection with a local person [Mark].

I bought it, but couldn’t go to collect it, so Mark brought it to my CBD apartment – try getting some TradeMe seller to do that!

After I rode it, I found it was too big for me, so I called Mark and he just brought another one over to the apartment and swapped it for me…..can you believe this service???

Soon after, I found that I just wanted it to go uphill faster, so Mark said ‘OK’ and he set about re-designing the bike to be even more ‘grunty‘ uphill.

While he did that, he loaned me a 48V Battery to be going on with – FREE OF CHARGE!

Then he came over with a re-designed [he designed the electronics himself!!] controller and installed it in the bike for a very reasonable price.

The bike was just fine as it was, but I am picky & it is even better now and just what I want.

Mark customised it for me.

No place else in New Zealand gives this service.

My recommendation – buy a Volto from Mark for sure.


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