Volto Folding Electric bike gives independence following stroke.


Alan had a massive stroke in 2008 and was not expected to walk again. He surprised everyone with his recovery and finally managed to ride a bike but due to the hilly area where he lives he was unable to get back up the hills. Unable to speak he managed to find on his computer an electric bike and we tracked down the folding bike which has transformed his life. He can set out and explore Auckland using the train and ferry and his bike and if things go a bit pear shaped I can pick him up and put the bike in the back of my Rav. I could not recommend this high enough for those people who due to circumstances are no longer able to drive and find it hard on public transport. There is a photo in the gallery of him riding down the driveway when he first got his bike. He has even been out with friends on the open road although he prefers the bike lanes in town.  So pleased that I have been able to get him spare parts after he has had a couple of little accidents and the service I have had is superb. Thank you.