Several Trips – largest 56km round trip to work

So I though, I would love to cycle to work, but it is 23km each way on google, as it turns out on an app like ‘map my ride’ it is 28 km in real life! I had a good google about electric bikes, read much opinion, and had a good look at prices. After many hours of thinking and researching I decided the volto ebike site was by far the best value. So I went out west in Auckland and had a test ride. Well I do have a cross mountain/road bike and while not what you would call a proper cyclist (don’t own lycra bottoms and a carbon fork road bike) I have spent all my life burning around now and then on various bikes. The ebike was not light weight and even heavier than my first mountain bike a Raleigh Maverick, but it was very comfortable. On pedal assist mode on the max power it was like I had bionic legs, and shallow hills became really well nice (instead of a nasty slog). So I took the plunge and ordered my preferred bike, which is basically a fat wheeled mountain bike with road mud guards, but in charcoal black is good looking. Well I had it delivered the next day with the extra charger I keep at work (yay free electricity! – like free toilet paper when you poo at work). Many people had a go while it sat in my front room, they went round the streets of mt eden. They all loved it! I had lots of small trips, fully intending to go to work. From Mt Eden to S Auckland. Well I am not a morning person and until last week I never did it (the road to hell is full of good intentions). Anyway last week I did, what turned into 28 km one way. It turned out to be a breeze. The bike after was still on max charge (although I still recharged battery). I used a mix of medium power (about 65% of the time) and high power the rest, all pedal assist. Now I did about 30km on my normal cross bike and my arse was killing. My volto left my bum well, normal! The gears worked well, jumped a couple times, but I did not really need more than I had to be honest. Now there are some big old hills around that would normally have had me pushing he bike up, well I cycled up them, ok not fast but i got up them! The largest was from onehunga from SW motorway Queenstown off ramp straight up and down to eventually Greenlane. The back drum brake is ok, good for slowing down, but the front disk brake is really solid. Applying both brakes will stop you well, and I did not feel at anytime unsafe, and that includes when I hurtles down from Mt Albert to Mangere Bridge on the cycle way which is very very steep downhill. Now the front suspension is fairly soft and not adjustable, the mudguard may slightly rub the wheel when the suspension is activated and make a bit of a noise, the front mud guard on my modal has very little tolerance to wheel, it is part of the personality of the bike and doesn’t effect the ride. All in all I am very happy with the bike. Although heavy it is well made, and solidly put together. The balance is good, and the ride comfort is excellent. My tires have kept much better inflated than my other bike. The hum of the motor is very quiet when engaged. I decided the direct drive was fine for what I wanted, and I think its simplicity will mean it will last for ages. I also think with the setup of this product, I will always be supported if I have any problems, when someone is so passionate about their product I think that will be the case as long as they are involved. All in all value for money my ebike is great. I am really impressed with the battery. I will write more as I use it more if I can get up a bit earlier to go to work.




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