Tore Morningside Auckland 2

toreI’ve been using a Volto TDE e-bike now for nearly two years and it’s truly a brilliant ride. It’s taken the hard slog out of cycling while leaving in the fun. Sure I pedal – sometimes – to go even faster, mostly however I’m content to simply cruise with the electric ‘throttle’ on, enjoying the view and the wind while being able to focus on the road rather than having to pedal. No more sweating and getting a sore butt from tiresome pedaling! No more waiting in rush-hour traffic and way less in petrol bills (the car is now a weekender thing really). It’s probably the best thing since the invention of the wheel! I recommend it, in fact I got one more Volto TDF e-bike now (two in total) since my missus have been using the first one I bought more than I have, but now in the future, we’ll both be able to enjoy our e-bikes.

Tore. Morningside. Auckland.

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