This month, July 2015, makes three full years of daily commuting on my Volto, totaling about 15,000 kilometres, at five kilometres in each direction to work, returning home for lunch, and back to work for the afternoon, five days a week. It is still using the original battery, of course […]

15,000 kilometres

Hi Everyone. We bought two volto bikes last year and absolutely love them. But unfortunately Someone decided that he like mine more than me. So please help by keeping an eye out for it. It was Stolen between 5:45am and 8am 24/7/2015. It is mat black with blue Panniers on […]

VOLTO TDE03Z 300W / 14 Ah Will have no ...

Inspired by other testimonials to try a Volto bike for commuting instead of the usual 32km return car trip every day, I’ve just turned over 2,500km since February. A great experience and I look forward to it every day, in all conditions. It’s no problem on this bike, even though […]


When I read in the media it’s now OK to do the cycle trails on an electric bike I was motivated to give cycling another go. The problem is I trashed my right leg in a huge motorcycle accident 15 years ago. I tried cycling after I sort of recovered […]

Back cycling after 15 years

I have had the bike for 10 days and have given it a good trial covering 175 km to date. I have trialled it with very strong headwinds and going up a semi steep slope at the same time and it was no problem in any way whatsoever. I do […]


Cheap to run, reliable and good for all fittness levels, and a small evironmental footprint, who could ask for more… My wife and I have used ours for around town travel for more than thee years already with only minor problems that wete soon fixed with the help of the […]

Great commuting

Hi Mark, About four weeks ago we bought together with our friends four bikes in one sale. We have been testing these bikes and so far we all are very happy with the bikes. We carry them on the back of our motorhome and it gives us more options to […]

Awesome bikes

Thank you Mark for bringing an affordable E bike to the NZ market place. I am enjoying using my bike around the 200km of cycle ways here in Hawkes Bay. I have seen a few others riding Volto ebikes, around the area and they, like me are delighted with there […]

E bikes for enjoying cycling again!

I received my new bike on Thursday and had a friend put it together which he said was reasonably simple and Mark was great in providing extra support. I have ridden it all weekend and am really enjoying the experience. Its a great product and I would highly recommend this […]

Absolutely AWESOME!!

bought a tde03z for my wife 6 months ago. She loves it. We live in a hilly area and she would just not go out on a bike if she didn’t have the volto. Now I can’t keep he off it to the extent that I am going to buy […]

Great Bike